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For many firms, their business gas supply is a vital part of their business needs but it’s always a good idea to undertake a business gas comparison exercise every year.

By doing so, your firm will be reassured that you are not being overcharged for your business gas use.

Most firms will be using gas for heating their premises, which is particularly crucial in a cold winter.

However, not every firm will be researching the market when its current contract comes to an end to see whether there are cheaper and better providers available.

Switching to a cheaper commercial gas quote

This could be a mistake because switching to a cheaper commercial gas quote could deliver huge savings.

As a business owner, you’ll need to shop around to access various quotes and to find the best possible business gas price.

Gas prices will vary between providers for a range of reasons, including the wholesale prices fluctuating regularly.

However, there are other issues to consider when sourcing cheaper gas prices and that’s your business size and type, the location and how much gas you are likely to use over the coming year.

All of these have an influence on the bespoke deal that will be offered and the prices that go with that.

Business gas prices per kWh

Essentially, you’ll need to appreciate business gas prices per kWh (kilowatt hour), which will generally refer to the unit rate they charge for the actual gas being consumed.

There’s also a standing charge, which is a fee levied for the supply of gas to your premises. You should be aware that this fee is not fixed and vary by wide margins between suppliers.

You may be wondering how much you are able to save, but until you contact the Business Utility Hub who can search the whole marketplace, then you will not know. Every firm, even a one-man band, should be able to save on their gas bill.

In addition to lower prices, you may also be looking to switch to a business gas supplier offering better customer support or is offering a consultancy to help you reduce gas consumption levels.

Whatever your needs, it’s a good idea to seek advice for a business gas comparison exercise which the team at the Business Utility Hub can do and they can also undertake a search of the marketplace to find the best deal possible. Contact them today to find out more.