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Cheap Heating Oil

The cheap heating oil guide

With 1.5 million households in the UK relying on heating oil to keep their homes warm means there’s huge potential for finding cheap heating oil suppliers and saving a tidy sum doing so.

The annual heating oil bill for a home is £1,400, and by shopping around industry experts predict homeowners can save at least £100 on average.

Cheap heating oil guide

This cheap heating oil guide will focus on the two types of heating oil that are mainly available, that is gas oil and kerosene. While some people will be using renewables or LPG our guide is focused on heating oil that is delivered by a lorry and stored in a tank on the premises.

When it comes to asking whether someone should choose gas oil or kerosene, that depends on the type of boiler they have and while kerosene is the most common heating oil used in homes, it is also the most efficient.

Some boilers will be able to take both types of oil, so if there is a choice between the two kerosene is the one to go for.

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How to find cheap heating oil

As we’ve already suggested a quick way of finding cheap heating oil is to change supplier or at least compare heating oil prices on a regular basis.

The second step is to decide when the best time is to buy oil; while prices fluctuate daily the best times to buy are in summer because demand is low. The most expensive time to buy heating oil is in December when demand is high.

Sourcing cheap heating oil

And the third tip to sourcing cheap heating oil is to consider buying in bulk since the more a homeowner buys, the more they will save.

An unusual tip for saving money when ordering heating oil is not to do so at the last minute because an emergency delivery could cost around 10% more so it’s always advisable to plan ahead and get several quotes from suppliers with several weeks to spare. This will offer flexibility and better prices.

Use online websites for finding cheap oil

It’s also possible to use online websites for finding cheap oil which will compare heating oil brokers and various heating oil companies and websites. The difference between the two is straightforward, while the comparison website will list the cheapest heating all prices available, the broker will secure a deal and the homeowner pays them if they are happy with the price agreed.

Some heating oil supplies also offer to deliver oil on a 12-month fixed price tariff that means homeowners can fix the price for the year ahead; this is a great idea with fluctuating prices and the price of heating oil always rises in winter along with rising demand.

Also, a cheap heating oil guide would not be complete if it didn’t encourage homeowners to haggle with their supplier, particularly if they contact several firms and have a good idea of a price they can get away with. The best way to do this is to mention a competitor’s price to see if the supplier will match it or, as a compromise, the supplier may ask the buyer for a larger order.