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Best Prices Save Money Quick Delivery

If you are a busy business owner and want to enjoy a cheaper business gas quote to reduce overheads, then this article will help.

However, you will need to appreciate that the business gas supply market place is a competitive one with lots of suppliers and wholesale prices changing regularly.

This means that you should widen your search for cheaper gas prices than from the ‘Big Six’ suppliers and instead source the most competitive supplier on price.

And while firms will be spending less on their gas bill than for electricity, it’s still a worthwhile undertaking to find out whether there are savings to be made by switching business gas providers.

Understanding business gas prices

And by understanding business gas prices, you will be able to determine whether the supplier is cheaper because comparing their bespoke deals on a like-for-like basis can be confusing and time-consuming too.

Firstly, the prices will be quoted per kWh (kilowatt hour), and this is a unique charge for the actual gas consumed.

On top of this, there will be a standing charge, which is not a fixed fee and it’s this that pays the National Grid for delivering gas to your firm’s premises.

So, you may carry out an exercise and find a potential gas supplier with much lower unit rates without realising that the standing charge is higher.

Switching business gas suppliers

Some firms may be wary about switching business gas suppliers, but the process is well-established and the Business Utility Hub can help in this regard.

This may also explain why, according to a government survey, around 40% of firms in the UK have never bothered switching their energy suppliers in recent years.

They are now probably paying more than is necessary for their gas supply and the industry is still regulated by Ofgem so any promises will be honoured.

Also, there’s no loss of gas supply when the process to switch is undertaken and all that will change is that your bill will come from the new supplier.

If you are looking to enjoy a cheaper business gas quote in a bid to reduce your overheads, then you need to speak with the friendly team at the Business Utility Hub today.