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If you want to enjoy cheaper business gas prices, then the only way to access these is to compare the deals and tariffs between providers.

Commercial deals for electricity are more complicated than they are for our homes and there is a range of factors affecting the prices being quoted.

You may not be aware that the geographic location of your premises, how many employees you have and how much energy you use will have a bearing on the tariff being offered.

In addition, the industry you work in plus any expansion plans will also have an effect on prices.

However, it’s important that you carry out this exercise every year to avoid being moved by your provider onto a deemed rate, which tends to be higher than those being paid by new customers.

Search between business gas suppliers

In the search between business gas suppliers, you may be surprised as to how many deals and tariffs are currently available.

One reason for this is that competition in the business gas supply market is very strong and it’s always worthwhile extending your search beyond the ‘Big Six’.

While these are household names for supplying energy, there are lots of smaller suppliers offering other benefits that you may find attractive.

For example, these may include having a dedicated business gas account manager or if you have more than one premises, having just one bill sent for supplying all of them.

Searching for a lower business gas quote

In addition to searching for a lower business gas quote, you will also need to appreciate the terminology used in the contract that is offered.

You may decide to agree to a fixed-term contract which usually runs for one year and the gas price is agreed throughout its duration.

Some suppliers may offer two- or three-year contracts with lower tariffs but you’ll need to check the small print if you decide to leave the contract before it ends.

It’s also possible to sign up for longer deals or even variable tariffs where the price you pay for gas will vary, so if prices fall you should make big savings.

If you want more information as to how you can enjoy cheaper business gas prices, then you need to speak with the friendly team of experts at the Business Utility Hub who are able to find you a much better deal than you currently enjoy.