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Best Prices Save Money Quick Delivery

If your firm or organisation wants to enjoy the best half hourly electricity deals currently available, then you need to deal with the experts who can help.

This will mean contacting the team at the Business Utility Hub who can access the entire market to help you drive down costs and boost profits.

Half hourly electricity prices are generally cheaper than normal business energy deals because those with a half hourly electricity meter are large consumers of energy.

That’s because there is a mandatory requirement for any firm with a peak demand of more than 100 kW to have a half hour meter installed.

Half hourly electricity tariffs available

However, while there are lots of half hourly electricity tariffs available – this is a very competitive market – you need to begin the procurement process several months before your current contract comes to an end.

Also, the regulator Ofgem recommends you should use the expertise of an independent third party to ensure that this process is undertaken carefully and properly so that you really do reduce your costs.

In addition, the Business Utility Hub can explain any terminology within the contract and ensure that any offered deal will help you save money.

This might not be the case should you decide to use a specialist website to compare business energy plans between half hourly providers.

That’s because they may only have a restricted number of suppliers to ask to deliver a quote, whereas the Business Utility Hub team can ask all potential half hourly providers to do so.

Having a half-hour electricity meter installed

There is one big benefit of having a half-hour electricity meter installed, and that is to access the data it collects.

These meters will record your actual electricity consumption levels every 30 minutes and send this information to your supplier.

However, not only can your business access this data, but a potential half-hour electricity provider can do so also.

This means that there will be no guesstimates of your usage since they will have detailed consumption information to put together a bespoke quote for meeting your current and future needs.

So, along with a potential new provider, understanding what your firm’s energy needs are, your business can utilise software to see where potential savings can be made by switching production times and methods, for example.

If you want to enjoy the best half hourly electricity deals and do so with experts who understand the market, then you need to contact the Business Utility Hub team today.