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ENPlus accredited wood pellets

ENplus accredited quality standard

For the very best in wood pellets for a biomass boiler, buyers should look for those pellets that meet an approved quality standards scheme known as ENplus.

If buyers are wanting premium quality wood pellets for use in stoves and household biomass boilers, then the standard is ENplus A1. For those wanting premium quality wood pellets for larger biomass boilers, then the standard is ENplus A2.

ENplus accredited wood pellets

This is a Europe-wide certification scheme to grade wood pellet quality so they have to meet a number of quality standards to be classed as ENplus accredited wood pellets and they include:

Ash content: quality wood pellets that meet the standard have ash content below 3%

Moisture content: since quality wood pellets are being used for heating a home, they need a lower moisture content so they have a higher burning temperature. To meet the standard, they must have moisture content that’s less than 10% or they will not burn completely

Bulk density: wood pellets have a higher bulk density than wood chips which helps improve their combustion rate. The standards offer a measurement to detect the bulk density of between 600 kg/m³ and 700 kg/m³ (or 38lb/cubic foot and 46lb/cubic foot).

Diameter: wood pellets must have a diameter between 6 mm and 8 mm with their length measuring 3.15 mm to 40 mm.

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The ENplus accredited wood pellets classification system

There are also other specifications in the ENplus accredited wood pellets classification system including one for measuring durability and another that measures the quality of wood being used.

Essentially, ENplus accredited wood pellets will bring peace of mind that the owner is buying the very best possible wood pellets that are of a uniform size and quality and which will heat the biomass boiler to the temperature it is designed to run at while leaving very little ash residue.

By using a grading system, owners of biomass boilers will appreciate that the wood pellets they are buying are suitable for the purpose and the standardisation system helps bring reassurance when buying pellets from different suppliers.

ENplus accredited wood pellets classifications

The ENplus accredited wood pellets classifications are:

A1: these are the best quality wood pellets with high fusion temperature, low ash and made with virgin fibre only

A2: these wood pellets are of medium quality but still use virgin fibre, leave more ash and have a slightly lower fusion temperature

B: pellets with the ‘B’ grade are the lowest quality of wood pellet and have high ash residue, a lower fusion temperature but can include untreated recovered wood in their manufacture.

When the owner of a biomass boiler is looking for a supplier of quality wood pellets they will need to specify to the supplier the grade of pellets they are wanting so there are no mistakes and no damage caused to the biomass boiler itself which is why understanding the classifications for ENplus accredited wood pellets is important.