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If your firm or organisation has half hourly meters installed, then you’ll need to find half hourly electricity suppliers for delivering energy.

The process is more complicated than for small and medium-sized firms but it’s worth taking the time because the savings can be substantial.

One reason for this is that only very large users of electricity will have half hourly, or HH, meters installed, so even a small reduction in the unit rate will lead to big savings.

In turn, these big savings will boost profitability so it’s worth firms either searching the marketplace or using the experts at the Business Utility Hub to do this on their behalf.

Sourcing a provider for a half hourly electricity quote

When sourcing a provider for a half hourly electricity quote, it’s important that you don’t restrict your search to the ‘Big Six’ half hourly electricity suppliers.

While these are the most dominant energy providers in the UK, they may not be offering the best deals.

Before you begin the process to find a new half-hour electricity provider, you’ll need to understand that there are variables they will use in putting a bespoke deal together.

For example, the location of your business will have an effect, as will the amount of energy you use. Plus, how many employees you have and whether you will expand over the coming year and need more gas and electricity.

Benchmark half hourly electricity prices using quotes

While you could benchmark half hourly electricity prices using quotes from the ‘Big Six’, you should appreciate that since the UK’s energy market was deregulated that competition has grown.

There are now lots of independent energy suppliers offering half-hour electricity contracts and many of them are well-established and reliable.

They may also offer other benefits when switching to them, for example, an energy consultancy to help you reduce your electricity consumption levels to enjoy even greater savings.

The other issue to appreciate is that the prices being quoted will change regularly since the wholesale market fluctuates on a daily basis and these prices affect what will be quoted to you.

Essentially, there is no ‘best’ time for switching to a new provider and you should act at least six weeks before your current half-hourly supply contract comes to an end.

For more help and advice about finding half hourly electricity suppliers and accessing lower HH rates, then you need to speak with the experts at the Business Utility Hub.