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If you want a cheaper half hourly electricity quote from a potential new provider, then you need to have helpful information to hand.

Firstly, not every firm will be able to access half hourly electricity quotes because they are not large users of energy and your firm will also need a special meter installed, known as a half hourly or HH meter to record your energy usage.

These meters deliver accurate data on how much electricity your firm uses and sends it to the supplier every 30 minutes. This also means there’s no need for estimated bills with these meters installed.

However, this data is also invaluable when you need to find a new half hourly electricity provider because they can use this data to understand what your energy needs are and tailor their bespoke offering for meeting your specific needs.

Search for new half hourly electricity suppliers

The other important issue when you begin the search for new half hourly electricity suppliers is that you may find the process of negotiation daunting and may need to utilise the expertise of those who do this regularly.

This will mean speaking with the experts at the Business Utility Hub who can negotiate on your behalf and search the entire marketplace to find a better deal for you.

Because the deal is more complex, your firm is unlikely to find a new supplier using a business electricity comparison website that is geared towards helping small and medium-sized enterprises rather than larger concerns who are energy-intensive users.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t search the entire marketplace and you should not just focus on the well-known ‘big six’ suppliers as there may be better and cheaper providers who can best meet your needs.

Among the incentives from a new half hourly electricity supplier could be the opportunity of a consultancy to help your firm reduce its electricity consumption levels so you’re not only enjoying even greater savings but boosting your green credentials as well.

Access cheaper half hourly electricity prices

If you and your business want to access cheaper half hourly electricity prices, then you may need a supplier offering a cheaper tariff or a longer term contract.

Among the information that you need to offer is your meter number, which will give the precise location of your premises, your business information and a supplier will need to know the industry you work in, how much electricity you consume and how many employees you have.

There are other variables affecting the prices being quoted and even your potential expansion plans will have an impact on your next year’s half hourly electricity contract. This can be a confusing and time-consuming process to complete without the necessary knowledge and expertise.

So, if you want to find a cheaper half hourly electricity quote, it’s easier and simpler to contact the Business Utility Hub who can do this on your behalf and take care of the switchover process too.