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Half hourly electricity quotes
Save up to £1356.60 per year*

*based on a medium business’ average energy spend per annum

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Half an Hour Electricity

Half an Hour Electricity

Standing Charge 20 pence per day
day rate 11.60 p/kwh night rate 7.99 p/kwh

SME Electricity

SME Electricity

Standing Charge 27 pence per day
day rate 11.97 p/kwh night rate 6.49 p/kwh

business gas

Business Gas

Standing Charge £00.00 per day
p/kwh charge 2.01 p/kwh

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Half Hour Electricity

If you are involved with managing the energy costs for your business then you will probably have heard about half hour electricity meters. These are business electricity meters which send an updated reading to your energy supplier via your phone line every half an hour. This means that if you choose to have a half hour electricity meter installed you will be giving your business access to more accurate and up-to-date energy bills while removing the need to take and submit your meter readings manually.

Does Your Business Need Half Hourly Electricity?

Half hourly electricity meters are most commonly found in large energy intensive workplaces such as factories and warehouses. In fact, the law in England states that if your business uses 100kW or more of electricity in any half hour period during the day, then you have to install a half hour electricity meter. It may also be useful to think about installing one if you use 70kW or more.

If you have recently moved business premises then you may already have a half hour electricity meter installed, and one way to identify this is to take a look at your most recent energy bill. If the number in the top left-hand box (next to the letter S) is 00 then you will already be on half hour electricity.


How Does Half Hour Electricity Pricing Differ?

One of the main benefits of half hour electricity meters is that they can give your energy supplier much more regular and accurate information on which they can base your bills, and so they can tailor their charges to your business rather than using regular energy pricing.

How to Switch Your Business To Half Hour Electricity?

If you think that your business could benefit from having a half hour electricity meter installed and you use 70kW or more every half hour then you should move to a half hour electricity supplier and tariff. This process can be a little complicated but it is worth making the effort as it could save your business a lot of money.

Here at Business Utility Hub we have a team of experts in all aspects of the energy market, and can make the process of switching to a half hour electricity meter much simpler for you leaving you free to concentrate on running your business.

Why use Business Energy Hub?

It’s thorough – we compare the whole half hourly electricity market, working with the national suppliers and many local smaller suppliers

It’s simple – all we need is some information about you and your current  electricity supplier

It’s savvy – you could easily save more than 40% on your half hourly electricity bills

It’s flexible – if you’re not in a switching window, we can get back in touch when you are

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