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Best Prices Save Money Quick Delivery

There is one really good reason why you should check business gas prices per kWh and that’s to ensure you’re not paying more than is necessary.

And by doing so you will keep overheads as low as possible while boosting profitability.

However, that’s not the approach for every firm in the UK with lots of them paying more than they should be doing for their gas bill.

Indeed, one government survey has revealed that around 40% of firms have not switched between providers in recent years. Don’t let this be you!

Find the best commercial gas quote

If you need to find the best commercial gas quote for meeting your needs, there are three ways of doing this:

  • You can contact commercial gas providers individually and ask them to provide a quote. You’ll then need to compare these deals effectively.
  • You could use a small business gas comparison website, add your details and then wait a few minutes for a recommended provider. The downside here is that the platform may not be searching all providers and there can be better offers elsewhere.
  • The third and perhaps most effective way to source cheap business gas prices is to ask the experts at the Business Utility Hub to carry out this search and in a few minutes, they will scour the whole small business gas supply market to find a deal that will meet your current and future needs.

Carry out a thorough business gas comparison on deals and tariffs

It really is that easy when you need to carry out a thorough business gas comparison on deals and tariffs and the team can also explain what various terms mean. They can also explain the difference between:

  • The unit price your firm will pay for consuming gas
  • The standing charge cost.


That’s because you may enjoy a lower unit rate without appreciating that a high standing charge may end up costing you more money.

While most firms are spending less on their gas overheads, it is still a financially worthwhile exercise in trying to find a cheaper and better provider.

If this opportunity to check business gas prices per kWh in a bid to find a cheaper provider appeals to you, then contact the team at the Business Utility Hub today.