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If your current gas supply contract is coming to an end, then you may be looking to move between business gas suppliers UK.

The process begins when your supplier writes to you with details of your next year’s contract.

It’s important to contact your supplier to either accept or reject the deal since a failure to act could be an expensive mistake if they move you to an out-of-contract rate that tends to be dearer.

So, to avoid paying more than is necessary for your business gas supply, you’ll need to set aside a few minutes to see what another energy supplier can provide.

Compare business gas tariffs and deals

This will mean you will need to compare business gas tariffs and deals from various suppliers that will meet the needs of your business.

It’s for this purpose that business gas suppliers must offer you a bespoke deal but comparing these deals on a like-for-like basis between providers can be confusing and time-consuming.

However, there is no need to waste time on what can be an involved process because there is a team of experts at the Business Utility Hub who can take care of this process on your behalf.

You could also contact potential suppliers directly to see what they will offer you or you could use a business gas comparison website to see if there are any cheap deals there.

It’s important to understand that these websites may have a restricted number of suppliers that they check and you’ll still need to speak with the supplier directly to get a bespoke deal.

New business gas contract

A new business gas contract should help you reduce costs and boost profitability – though you will also need to calculate the proposed deal over a year to ensure this will happen.

For those firms who don’t see the point in spending time searching for new deals, then you’ll need to appreciate that you may be on higher rates as a result of your inactivity.

Also, by searching for new deals every year you are helping to stimulate the marketplace competition, which helps all firms and organisations ultimately.

The switchover process when you do decide to move suppliers is seamless and there’s no worry about having any loss in supply when you do so.

If you would like more help and advice about how you can move between gas suppliers UK to lower overheads and boost profits, then you need to speak with the friendly team at the Business Utility Hub.