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Best Prices Save Money Quick Delivery

While most businesses will need a gas supply to keep their premises warm, part of the process of finding a cheap provider is to review business gas prices effectively.

The bottom line is that the Business Utility Hub is able to search the entire market of providers, help you understand the contract and then deal with the paperwork for the switchover process.

Alternatively, as a busy business owner, you could contact individual providers separately, give them the same details to receive a bespoke offer and then try to compare these deals on a like-for-like basis with other providers. This isn’t straightforward and it can be confusing.

There’s also the opportunity of using a business gas comparison website, but you should check beforehand how many small business gas providers they are contacting to offer a quote because it is unlikely to be the entire marketplace. This means there could be better and cheaper deals available elsewhere that will go unnoticed.

Review a business gas quote

The most important part when you review a business gas quote is to understand what business gas prices per kWh (kilowatt-hour) are.

That’s because the unit price being quoted is for the actual gas that your firm consumes. It is usually expressed in pence per kilowatt-hour.

However, there’s also another important part to review and that is the standing charge. This is a fixed amount that you will need to pay to have gas delivered to your firm’s premises – the downside here is that the standing charge will vary between providers and it’s an opportunity to create the trap for firms to fall into.

Put simply, while a business owner may find a deal with a lower unit price, they need to ensure that the standing charge has also been reduced because if it has not, they run the risk of not enjoying any savings and will be locked into a more expensive contract for 12 months.

And unless yours is a micro-business, then it’s unlikely you will be able to get out of the contract without having to pay a penalty.

Searching small business gas suppliers

You also need to appreciate that when searching for small business gas suppliers for the best deal, the competition in the marketplace is now very strong.

This means that while you could restrict your search to the ‘big six’ providers who dominate the sector, there are smaller providers offering cheap commercial gas contracts with incentives.

Among these incentives that may attract you to sign up will be the offer of a dedicated account manager to help run the account or you may even be interested in an energy consultancy.

One of the advantages of an energy consultancy is for an expert to look at how and when you are using gas and recommend ways of using less. This will then help you reduce consumption and deliver even bigger savings.

There’s is a lot to consider when you need to review business gas prices to enjoy savings and to do so effectively you really should speak with the Business Utility Hub team today.