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Best Prices Save Money Quick Delivery

If yours is an energy-intensive business, then you’ll be needing to review half hourly electricity prices to ensure you never pay more than is necessary.

Also, even a small reduction in your current unit price will deliver big savings and you should begin the search for a new half-hour electricity provider six months before your current contract comes up for renewal.

That’s because the half hourly electricity procurement process is more complicated than it is for small- and medium-size firms and you should really – says regulator Ofgem – seek expert third party help in sourcing cheaper and better deals.

Fortunately, the Business Utility Hub has a team with lots of experience in helping half hourly electricity consumers enjoy better and cheaper deals and the team can take care of the paperwork as well.

Half hourly electricity suppliers

For those who may not be aware, half hourly electricity suppliers offer prices that tend to be lower for these bigger consumers which is why there is a mandatory need for installing half hourly electricity meters.

It’s these meters that record the consumption data every 30 minutes and then sends this information to the provider, so there’s no need for estimated bills anymore.

However, there’s another really good benefit to having these meters installed and that’s because your business and a potential new provider can also access this data so they can put together a bespoke deal for meeting your needs.

Using this information, the Business Utility Hub team can scour the entire half hourly supply market of providers to find the best tariffs and products.

It’s important to appreciate that half hourly pricing will fluctuate regularly but by leaving enough time to put together a deal, you will be reassured that you will signup for the best possible deal price at that time.

Sourcing the cheapest half hourly electricity quote

Along with sourcing the cheapest half hourly electricity quote for meeting your firm’s needs, you can also ask the Business Utility Hub about other incentives to sign up with a new provider.

Among these will be the potential for an energy consultancy to be carried out to help you reduce consumption levels and deliver greater savings.

This consultancy will help boost your environmental credentials and using the meter data, an expert will be able to see when your firm uses the most energy and investigate why this is and help implement steps to reduce demand.

If you need to review half hourly electricity prices and deals from your current supplier and would like to find cheaper and better offers, then you need to speak with the experts at the Business Utility Hub today.