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Business Energy

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Heating Oil and LPG

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How to switch your Business Water

The Choice is now yours to make!

Back in 2008, Scotland became the first country in Europe to deregulate its water market, granting non-domestic property owners the choice as to which company supplies their water services. By opening the water market to competition, it is hoped that the industry would see improved efficiency and lower prices for customers.

The water market in England is also deregulating, currently large users of water can only switch, however from April 2017 all businesses in England will have the chance to tap into the savings, it is also hoped that domestic customer’s in England will be able to switch from 2020.

Choosing your water supplier

If you are a developer, or a non-household customer who uses a large amount of water, you may be able to choose the supplier of your water or sewerage services, both in England and Scotland.

Any business that has at least one site in England that uses more than 5ML (megalitres) of water per year can switch water supplier. When this threshold dropped from 50ML to 5ML, the benefits of water competition opened up to around 26,000 organisations.

All businesses in Scotland, no matter what size, can switch both water supplier and waste water supplier. The new water market to be launched in 2017 will give those same choices to every business, charity and public sector customer in England.

Utility Advice

Get in touch today for a fast and efficient quote on your business energy.

Why switch your water supply?

With a choice of suppliers, you may benefit from:

  • A wider choice of tariffs
  • Better standards of service
  • Tailored service offerings
  • Lower Prices
  • You will still benefit from the same water quality.

More useful Information Regarding Water Switching

  • Water Audits
  • Understanding your water charges (link to Understanding your business water charges)
  • Water Meters and Smart Metering

Let Business Utility Hub Help You Now?

  • Businesses in Scotland and businesses in England with 5ML annual water use at a single site can benefit from water competition now. Find out how your business can start to save water and money straightaway by emailing switchmywater@businessutilityhub.co.uk
  • We provide our innovative water and waste water treatment solutions to customers of all sizes across the UK. Our experts can help you to improve efficiencies, minimise environmental impact and reduce costs. Email waterservices@businessutilityhub.co.uk for more details.

Water Meters

Most business customers will have water meter installed which gives you greater control of your water bills – and can be a big step towards saving money.

Unmetered charges

Most business customers should have water meters, but some are unmetered.

Without a water meter, water suppliers can’t tell how much water you’re actually using. So that part of your bill is based on a set amount per £ of your rateable value. Contact a Business Utility Expert to see if we can connect your water mains to a meter.

What you can do

Of course, businesses with the same rateable value can use different amounts of water. If you think you may be losing out because you have an unmetered water supply, here at the Business Utility Hub can apply for a reassessment of your charges. We can also work with water suppliers to install a new water meter connection.

Business Utility Hub Water Services

Choose Business Utility Hub for the design and installation of your water mains and you’ll get the benefit of:

  • unrivalled experience of infrastructure design and build
  • a commitment to finding creative solutions that save you money.

We Can:

  • Offer Design Consultancy
  • excavate and lay pipework for new mains to current standard and specifications
  • pressure testing and quality sampling
  • soil sampling
  • carry out water mains diversion, e.g. to clear the way for site development.

Our service is the most thorough and professional you’ll find.  It’s this detail that’s sometimes overlooked – but getting it right could avoid an expensive delay.

Water valve replacement

A water emergency is a bad time to discover that a water valve has seized up.

Business Utility Hub can ensure all your water assets work as they should by installing and replacing water valves and hydrants.

Ask us to carry out an asset survey. We’ll provide:

  • A report on the condition of all your water assets. This will help you prioritise repairs or plan upgrades.
  • GPS coordinates so you can always locate the right valve or hydrant instantly.