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How do I increase my electricity capacity

How do I increase my electricity capacity to my premises?

There are many reasons why a business would want to increase their electricity capacity such as installing new electrical equipment and they will need to plan ahead carefully.

That’s because while those premises will have a standard electricity supply of no more than 20 kW, it will be single phase apply. By adding extra requirements, for instance a large electrical motor, the business may need to apply for a three-phase connection.

Most energy distributors – not the firm that supplies business’s energy supply – will have an online application form to increase the size of the electricity capacity for their premises.

‘How do I increase my electricity capacity?’

This completion of the online application form is simply the first step to complete for anyone researching online for ‘How do I increase my electricity capacity?’.

That’s because all businesses will have an agreed supply capacity measured in Kilovolt-ampere or kVA and is a reference to the network cable’s capacity.

All businesses agree to the amount of electricity required for their cable installation with the distribution company and this is the organisation responsible for maintaining the network of supply cables in that part of the country; there are different distribution companies for various regions of the UK.

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The amount of electricity that the distribution network operator will provide

In effect, this gives the business an available supply capacity, or ASC, which is the amount of electricity that the distribution network operator will provide for the business premises. More accurately, this capacity is the maximum amount of electricity the business can draw from the grid.

A business that needs to increase its kVA is looking to boost its available supply capacity and before they even buy new electrical equipment or machinery they must ensure there is enough capacity to cover its operation. For instance, a business may decide to install factory machinery or a new air conditioning system but they will create a problem for themselves by simply plugging it in before having enough available capacity supply.

That’s because they will need to draw more power from the grid and will need to arrange well in advance with their network operator to increase their kVA. They will also probably be charged excess capacity charges for this.

However, there’s also a flipside to this situation over available supply capacity and a new business may find it is occupying a premises where the previous occupant was drawing more power from the grid and paying enhanced electricity rates for doing so which means the new occupiers need to ensure that they are not paying for electricity, or the capacity for drawing down electricity, that they will not be needing. They may save a large amount of money by checking.

Using the search term ‘How do I increase my electricity capacity?’

So, the simple answer for anyone who is using the search term ‘How do I increase my electricity capacity?’ is to contact their electricity distributor and ask them or simply complete the form on their website and they will deal with the request.