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It’s really important that for every business that has biomass boilers installed, or is thinking of doing so, that they appreciate that not all biomass wood pellets are the same.

Essentially, wood pellets come in different grades and qualities and it is usually recommended that firms use the best possible pellets for meeting their heating and hot water needs.

This will mean buying biomass fuel meeting the ENplus A1 criteria to ensure that the pellets have low levels of moisture content and are capable of delivering high levels of energy as result.

It may be tempting to save money and order cheaper pellets but these pellets tend to have a higher level of moisture and lower levels of energy. You will need to burn more of these cheaper pellets to achieve the same level of energy output, so you will not, essentially, be saving any money at all.

A wood fuel pellets delivery

The other issue when you have a wood fuel pellets delivery is that the pellets must be of a similar size with a shiny surface; this indicates that the pellets are made from quality materials, usually virgin wood and the shiny surface is the natural glue that appears when the wood is compressed.

Poor quality pellets will come in various sizes and will probably break up when you press them between your fingers.

To ensure that you only receive quality wood fuel pellets, you should use the government-run Biomass Suppliers List which details all of the biomass fuel suppliers in the UK who are committed to delivering quality fuels.

This means that they are sourcing quality fuels from renewable sources which is one of the big attractions for firms installing biomass fuel boilers in the first place.

Poor quality pellets may use other wood sources for making the pellets and you run the risk of debris and dirt being hidden in a supply of poor quality pellets that may damage the boiler.

Specialist wood pellets blown delivery service

Firms of all shapes and sizes have installed biomass fuel boilers and some will need large orders of fuel which will require a specialist wood pellets blown delivery service.

This is a subject that needs to be covered before a firm or large organisation undertakes a large biomass boiler installation because they will need fuel on a regular basis to be used in the boilers. Not every supplier is capable of undertaking a blown delivery of pellets.

For those suppliers that can, they will have a specialist delivery vehicle so a pipe can be connected between it and the fuel store and the quality wood pellets are then blown along it directly into the store for later use.

If you want to know why not all wood pellets are the same and to access the best possible prices for your biomass fuel needs, then you should speak with the team at the Business Utility Hub.