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It’s important to appreciate that not all cheap business gas tariffs are the same and it’s always worth shopping around when your contract comes up for renewal.

That’s because no business or organisation should overpay for their gas or even their electricity, and you should shop around potential providers to avoid being moved across to a more expensive contract.

This will happen automatically if you do not negotiate a deal and these ‘deemed rates’ tend to be a lot more expensive than they are for new customers.

To avoid this happening, you should search the market to find a new tariff to reduce costs and help stimulate competition in the marketplace.

Accepting cheap business gas rates

However, there are a number of issues you need to consider before accepting cheap business gas rates from a new provider, including:

  • Whether you need a fixed-term contract since longer contracts tend to attract lower rates
  • Whether you require fixed or variable prices so you know if you are paying the same amount under a fixed contract or whether the prices change on a variable basis.


A fixed deal will help protect against price hikes but you’ll end up paying more should prices fall, whereas variable rates will see your bill vary but you will enjoy savings with price falls.

For some firms, this may be an important issue and will help with cash flow planning, for example, and for others, they may believe that wholesale business gas prices may fall and they will enjoy lower bills.

Search for a new business gas supplier

The search for a new business gas supplier is made easier with the growing popularity of online gas comparison provider websites.

These are easy to use and within a few minutes, you should find a potential new provider who is hopefully offering a much lower rate for you to enjoy.

However, there are downsides to using energy comparison websites and they include:

  • The site may not be searching the entire market
  • You should check how many suppliers they will approach
  • You need to be aware that you will still need to negotiate directly for a bespoke deal.


This then means that the comparison website may not include cheaper and better deals since it will have a selected panel of providers to quote from.

To avoid this happening and to search the entire market for cheap business gas tariffs, you should contact the Business Utility Hub today.