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Best Prices Save Money Quick Delivery

All firms and organisations should be looking to reduce their costs using the cheapest business gas prices available but not all firms will do.

One of the best ways of achieving this is to contact the Business Utility Hub team who have lots of experience in sourcing cheaper and better deals for clients.

They do this by scouring the entire market to find a bespoke deal to meet a firm’s needs.

However, one government survey highlights that around 40% of organisations in the country have not carried out this exercise in the last few years to find a new provider and are likely to be paying more than is necessary for their gas supply.

Cheapest business electricity prices

This issue also extends to those firms who want the cheapest business electricity prices for meeting their needs.

While there are online comparison sites to help firms find new providers, you should check how many suppliers they are asking to quote for meeting your needs because it’s unlikely they are asking the entire market.

This obviously means there might be cheaper providers available that will not be asked to quote which isn’t the same case when you ask the Business Utility Hub to find a deal on your behalf.

In addition, the search may also flag-up providers offering other incentives, such as having a dedicated account manager for meeting your needs or even an energy consultancy.

This consultancy will help your firm reduce its consumption of electricity and gas so that your savings will be enhanced.

The consultant may also look at previous energy bills to see whether you have been overcharged.

Cheaper business energy supplier

Finding a cheaper business energy supplier is an exercise that should be carried out every year and should be done when your current provider gets in touch with details of your next year’s contract.

You can use this information to see whether there are cheaper deals and if you find one you could go back to your current supplier to renegotiate a better price.

Failing to act may see your business being moved to a ‘deemed’ contract automatically and these contracts tend to have higher prices than are quoted for new customers.

This could be a costly mistake for those small firms who rely on energy and they should be looking to reduce their overheads to boost profitability.

If your business wants to reduce costs with the cheapest business gas prices, and also for electricity provision, then it’s time to contact the friendly team at the Business Utility Hub.