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All businesses have unique energy needs and it’s important that all firms and organisations review their half hourly electricity deal when renewing their contract.

Indeed, it is important that firms of all shapes and sizes search the market place to ensure they are not overpaying for their firm’s electricity bill.

By doing so, you’ll be ensuring that your costs are not higher than they should be and profitability will be boosted.

But, according to one government survey, around 40% of firms have not bothered switching providers in recent years.

Half hourly electricity tariffs

The issue for larger firms is that they will need specific half hourly electricity tariffs for meeting their needs.

In addition to having access to lower rates, larger firms will have a half hourly meter installed to record their data consumption and will send this information every 30 minutes to their provider.

This means there’s no need for estimated bills and the potential supplier is able to see when the firm’s peak periods of demand are and then tailor their offering accordingly.

If you are wondering whether your firm has a meter installed, then you’ll need a maximum peak demand of 100 kW or, in some circumstances, those firms with a peak demand of 70 kW may be eligible for a meter.

However, there is more to having half hourly meters installed for accessing cheaper half hourly commercial tariffs and it’s down to the procurement process.

Negotiating a new half hour electricity deal

When negotiating a new half hour electricity deal, the procurement process is more complicated than it is for small and medium-sized firms accessing cheaper electricity prices.

The energy regulator Ofgem recommends that firms begin this process to find a new supplier six months before their current contract comes to an end.

They also recommend that firms utilise the expertise of a third party or an energy broker to take part in this process to ensure that they get the best deal possible for meeting their current and future needs.

For those firms who were looking for help in finding a cheaper half hourly electricity provider, then this help could come from the Business Utility Hub who have years of experience in helping other firms access cheaper energy deals and helping with the switchover process.

So, if you want to review your half hourly electricity deal today, then it’s time to contact the experts at the Business Utility Hub.