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A great way to save on overheads for firms and organisations is to compare business water rates between providers.

This opportunity is only currently available for firms in England and Scotland where the markets to supply firms with water and wastewater services have been deregulated; they have not been deregulated in Wales or Northern Ireland yet.

But how much can your firm save? From various business surveys, it appears that firms in Scotland could save a third of their water utility bills, whereas in England the savings are around 20%.

For many firms, this could be a huge saving, so it’s worth spending time finding a new business water supplier.

Enjoying cheaper business water charges

In addition to enjoying cheaper business water charges, your firm should also be looking to enjoy better levels of customer service and the opportunity of consolidating bills so there’s only one water bill to deal with if your firm has several premises.

It’s also possible that when taking the time to find a new water supplier that you could save substantially more by having different suppliers deal with the wastewater services and have another supplier for the business water supply – that’s the water that comes out of your taps.

However, it’s also important that a busy business owner appreciates how their bills are made up and these will have a unique charge based on the volume of water being used by the business.

There are also sewerage charges for the removal of waste and a standing charge to help pay for the supply of water to your premises.

Switching to a new business water supplier

Finding and then switching to a new business water supplier is a straightforward process and there’s no loss of water supply when you use the experts at the Business Utility Hub.

The friendly team can search the entire marketplace to find a deal that will best meet your firm’s needs and then deal with the switchover process.

It may also be possible, as part of a water consultancy, to undertake an audit of previous bills to ensure that you’ve not paid more than you should have done.

In addition, some firms may benefit from installing smart meters to ensure accurate billing and the consultancy will help to boost water efficiency which delivers large, long-term savings.

There’s a lot to understand when it comes to a firm wanting to compare business water rates between providers and the Business Utility Hub team can help.