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Business energy – A smart meters guide

For many businesses in the UK, smart meters are going to revolutionise the way their energy use is monitored over the coming years but what do smart meters mean for a business?

Essentially, smart meters are a new technology to monitor electricity and gas use in a business and over the coming years will be introduced to more business premises.

Smart meters for businesses

The rollout of smart meters for businesses began in 2014 and, the government says, the project should be finished in 2020 since the energy regulator Ofgem says the benefits of reducing the technology for businesses will help reduce bills and carbon emissions.

Indeed, smart meters in a business will help reduce their bills since the organisation will see when their periods of heavy usage are and the meters will help promote cheaper energy supply as businesses use them to reduce not only their usage but also potentially switch energy suppliers for cheaper energy.

Smart meters will also help business energy suppliers since they will not have to take meter readings and will spend less on customer service.

Smart meters in a business provide real-time information on usage for the supplier as well as customer so the bills only reflect the amount of energy being used.

The reason why smart meters are being rolled out is because they should help avoid inaccurate bills as well as estimated bills. They also help reduce energy usage and are considered to be user-friendly, certainly more than a firm’s existing energy meters are.

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The smart meter will be installed for free

The important thing for businesses to remember is that the smart meter will be installed for free on their business premises. In reality, bills will rise slightly to help pay for the smart meter initiative but everyone who uses energy should see savings of around £100 a year once the meters are installed.

Businesses will also benefit because:

  • Smart meters will see the introduction of new tariffs and services that will be supported by the new technology
  • Smart meters offer a business real-time access to their actual energy use so they can see where heavy – and particularly expensive – usage occurs
  • By knowing when heavy energy usage takes place, the business or organisation can take steps to reduce their bills and carbon emissions
  • Business energy suppliers say that once the smart meter is installed they will be alerted more quickly to any supply problems
  • With smart meters, there’s no need for someone to read it since the information is read remotely
  • Smart meters will also help bring cheaper energy with higher costs for peak-time use so firms could switch to low peak demand and reduce bills.

For more information about how smart meters will help reduce business energy use and boost profitability, contact the helpful team and the Business Energy Hub.