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There are several reasons why your firm should switch to a cheaper provider of half hourly electricity tariffs and it’s not just about boosting profitability.

While no firm should be paying more than is necessary for their electricity needs, around 40% of firms have not bothered switching in recent years, a government survey reveals.

This means that they have not taken advantage of the potential to switch and enjoy cheaper tariffs and they are probably paying much more with their current provider than a new customer will be doing.

It doesn’t have to be this way and while the half hourly market is more complicated than that for small and medium-sized enterprises, it’s still worth the time and effort in sourcing a new HH provider.

Find cheaper half hour electricity deals

The best time to find cheaper half hour electricity deals from providers is between six and eight weeks before your contract comes to an end.

This will help ensure that your firm gets to access the best possible half hourly electricity prices for meeting your needs.

One of the best ways to access the deals is to utilise the data that your half-hour meter has been collating since actual usage levels are sent to the supplier every 30 minutes.

The potential provider can use this information to offer a detailed bespoke offering as they will know when your peak periods of use are and they may even recommend switching your peak periods to cheaper off-peak periods.

Indeed, the potential provider may even offer an energy consultancy to help your firm reduce its consumption levels so you can enjoy even greater savings.

Half hourly electricity prices

There’s no doubt that half hourly electricity prices do vary hugely between providers but there are variables affecting the prices they quote.

For example, your deal may be affected by wholesale electricity prices which fluctuate regularly and the length of contract you want to sign up to will also have an influence on the prices being quoted.

In addition, the location of your premises, how many employees you have and what your future demands for energy will be will also have an impact.

All of this information also makes it more difficult to compare the offers between providers.

If you want to know more about switching half hourly electricity tariffs, then you need to speak with the experts at the Business Utility Hub who will be able to help.