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For every business searching for the best guide to half hourly electricity suppliers, then this article will help.

You could read reams and reams about how competitive the half hourly supply sector is and that the prices being offered to large consumers of energy, such as your firm, are much lower than those for small businesses.

However, any business with a peak demand of more than 100 kWh will need to have a half hourly meter installed.

Without this meter, you cannot access the cheaper HH tariffs, but there are other benefits for having half hourly meters installed.

Half hourly electricity quote

Firstly, suppliers will be using the data provided by these meters, which collect the consumption information every 30 minutes and sends it directly to the provider, to put together their half hourly electricity quote.

This meter removes the need for estimated bills and, more importantly, it also enables a new supplier to look at your actual consumption information and gear their offering to meeting this.

A half-hour electricity supplier in the UK will also consider:

  • Your firm’s geographic location
  • The industry that you are working in
  • How many employees you have and whether there are plans for expansion.


It should come as no surprise that a potential half-hour electricity provider may decline to quote your business needs because of where you are located.

Access cheap half hourly electricity prices quickly

While this may appear to be a setback when you want to access cheap half hourly electricity prices quickly and easily, there are other providers you can easily find.

The best way of doing this is to contact the Business Utility Hub who can access the entire sector and also source those providers willing to offer incentives such as:

  • A dedicated account manager to help you run the account more smoothly and deal with any problems quickly
  • An energy consultancy to help your business reduce consumption levels and boost any savings you make with lower rates.


There may be other incentives available to attract your firm as a new customer and these may be worth considering when it comes to your contract renewal.

The switchover process is more complicated than it is for small firms but the team of experts at the Business Utility Hub can help and also deal with the paperwork when moving to new half-hour electricity suppliers.