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If your firm is a large consumer of energy and has half hour meters fitted, then you will be needing the best half hourly electricity tariffs in 2020.

That’s because you should never be paying more than is necessary for your energy needs, and even a slight reduction in the tariff could deliver big savings.

But how do you find which provider is offering the best tariff for meeting your needs?

You could begin this search procurement process yourself or utilise the expertise of the Business Utility Hub.

Half hourly electricity meters

Firstly, though, it’s important to appreciate that half hourly electricity meters are mandatory for those firms who have a peak usage of more than 100 kW.

These are special meters that send your consumption data directly to the provider every 30 minutes, so there are no more estimated bills.

Usually, large industrial businesses and offices as well as warehouses, factories and breweries will have these meters installed and it’s important that you check every year to see whether there may be a cheaper deal available for meeting your needs.

There is, however, one really good benefit for having half-hour meters installed and that is for a potential new provider to utilise the data your firm generates.

Also, you could use special software to analyse this information to see whether there are ways of moving to cheaper periods of use and reduce bills.

Half hour electricity meter

So, you may be wondering whether you can switch your energy provider if you have half hour electricity meter installed.

The answer is ‘Yes’, you can switch providers but this is a specialist area of the energy supply market and not every energy supplier will offer a half hourly contract.

Also, the contracts tend to be more complex than those being offered to small- and medium-sized firms, so you need to ensure that you are dealing with a supplier who can meet your needs.

There’s also the opportunity to find a supplier with other incentives to attract you as a new customer, including having a dedicated account manager for running your account smoothly and even having an energy consultancy to help you reduce consumption levels and boost savings.

Put simply, the easiest way of achieving this and accessing the best half hourly electricity tariffs is to contact the Business Utility Hub to discuss your needs with them and they can search the entire HH supply market on your behalf.