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For any large organisation or business wanting to know of the best way to achieve cheap half hourly electricity prices, then this article is for you

It’s important to appreciate that if you don’t already have a smart meter for half hourly readings installed already, then you won’t be able to sign up to a half hourly electricity contract.

That’s because the prices tend to be much cheaper than those being offered for small businesses and these firms will have a special half hourly data collector installed with this meter sending the information to the provider every 30 minutes.

These large firms will have a maximum demand of 100 kW, though firms with a demand of 70 kWh could request a meter.

The other issue to appreciate is that Ofgem recommends that firms seeking cheap half hourly prices for their electricity supply should work with a third party that understands how this market works such as the Business Utility Hub.

Sourcing a cheap half hourly electricity quote

The team has many years of experience in sourcing a cheap half hourly electricity quote for lots of clients, from a range of providers.

In addition, the Business Utility Hub can also explain the contract terms and check it to ensure that it will meet your current and future needs and also help reduce your electricity overheads.

The team can also take care of the switchover process to a new provider and there’s no loss of energy supply when you begin this process.

On top of this, the team can also monitor the market and when your contract comes up for renewal, they will not only remind you but highlight potential deals and tariffs that may be suitable and help save money.

Half hourly electricity suppliers in the UK

There are lots of half hourly electricity suppliers in the UK and competition is strong so you need to appreciate that any prices being quoted may be time-limited because wholesale prices fluctuate so frequently.

The best time to begin the process to find a cheaper half hourly electricity provider is when your current supplier tells you of your next year’s contract.

Though those firms with a more complicated half hourly electricity procurement process should begin this process between three and six months before their current contract comes to an end.

It is helpful too that the half hourly smart meter installed delivers a half hourly data spreadsheet that the business and also a potential supplier can utilise so they can then offer a bespoke deal that will, hopefully, deliver cheaper prices.

If you would like to know more about how you can find cheap half hourly electricity prices quickly, then you need to speak with the team at the Business Utility Hub today.