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If your firm or organisation has a half hourly meter installed, then this article for accessing half hourly electricity tariffs will be helpful.

And while fixed-price contracts tend to be the most usual contracts being offered, it’s still worth searching the market for the best deals.

That’s because half hourly tariffs are priced usually on a night rate or a day rate and most commercial energy suppliers will offer tariffs from 7 am to 7 pm or from 7 pm to 7 am.

Some suppliers also offer a single rate for 24 hours – and if you search the market place thoroughly you may find three rate tariffs being offered, which cover use on weekdays and one for weekends and evenings and also one for nights.

Sourcing half hourly electricity deals

While this may sound complicated, it’s useful that the team at the Business Utility Hub have lots of experience in sourcing half hourly electricity deals.

Indeed, the industry regulator Ofgem recommends that firms and organisations work with a broker or an independent third party to ensure that the more complicated half hourly electricity supply procurement process is completed successfully.

There are also lots of terms being used in half hourly contracts that you may not be aware of or have even heard of previously, and the team at the Business Utility Hub can help explain what these are.

More importantly, they are able to search the entire market for you.

Use a half hour electricity comparison website

That might not be the case if you use a half hour electricity comparison website because the platform may only have a selected number of suppliers on its panel.

Without searching the entire market offerings, how will you know whether you have struck the best deal to deliver savings on your electricity overheads?

There’s no doubt that even a small reduction in the half hourly unit rate that your firm pays will deliver potentially big savings.

And the half hour electricity supply meter is important because a potential supplier will be able to access the data to put their money-saving bespoke offering together. Also, your business can access this information too to find out when your peak periods of demand are and then looking at ways of moving these to cheaper, off-peak periods of demand.

So, why shop around when you can find the best deal by asking the team at the Business Utility Hub to search the providers of half hourly electricity tariffs, so contact them today to find out more.