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Best Prices Save Money Quick Delivery

If your business gas supply is up for renewal, then this is the ideal time to find a cheaper provider and this checklist will help.

Depending on how much time and enthusiasm you have in sourcing a new provider, you could save a substantial amount on your firm’s gas overheads and boost profitability.

Essentially, you could take time to contact gas suppliers directly to negotiate a deal, but this can be time-consuming and also confusing when comparing deals between providers.

Alternatively, you could use a commercial gas comparison website to find the cheapest provider but you need to appreciate:

  • The site may only have a restricted number of providers to quote
  • You will still need to negotiate directly with a supplier to enjoy a bespoke offering.


So, what appears to be an easy and efficient way of finding a new and cheaper provider using a business gas comparison website is not really doing that if they aren’t searching the entire market. However, these sites do offer a great way of finding out what the market rate for your firm’s needs will be which should be the incentive to contact the Business Utility Hub to find even better and cheaper deals.

Effective way to compare business gas deals

There is a third and more effective way to compare the business gas deals currently available in the UK and that is to speak with the Business Utility Hub.

That’s because, unlike comparison sites, the team can search the entire gas supply market to find the best deal for meeting your firm’s needs.

This process takes just a few minutes and they can also help with the paperwork and the switchover process too.

In addition, they can also help explain the technical parts of the offered contract and also remind you of when your next business gas or electricity supply contract comes up for renewal to help you find a better deal.

Business gas suppliers in the UK

Indeed, the competition among business gas suppliers in the UK is very stiff and along with lower tariffs, you may find other incentives such as:

  • Having an energy consultancy to reduce consumption levels and boost savings
  • Enjoy a dedicated account manager to help deal with any issues when they arise.


There’s also another benefit for those firms who do search and that’s the fact you will be boosting competition among providers to help keep their rates as low as possible to encourage businesses like yours to switch on a regular basis.

For more help about understanding the business gas supply market in the UK and to find the cheapest tariff, you should speak with the Business Utility Hub team today.