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If you have received a renewal letter from your current business gas supplier and you are interested in comparing deals from other providers, then this article will help.

Essentially, the Business Utility Hub has the expertise to search the entire marketplace to find a deal that will best meet your needs and lower your overheads.

The friendly team can also deal with the switchover process.

For many business owners, it can be a confusing task when comparing gas prices and it may help explain why so many firms remain with the same supplier for years.

Compare business gas rates between providers

However, if you do not regularly compare business gas rates between providers, how do you know whether you are on a good deal?

There’s no reason to overpay for gas supply but you need to appreciate that you cannot simply switch business gas suppliers at any time, unlike arranging the gas supply to our homes.

Most firms will probably be locked into a fixed term business gas contract, so rather than pay termination fees, you will need to wait until the contract ends before you can compare commercial gas suppliers.

The first step to change your business gas supply is to know when your current contract comes to an end.

Find a new cheap business gas provider

You can prepare the ground to find a new cheap business gas provider in the weeks before the contract ends and your current supplier should write to you beforehand anyway.

You will need some details since the new provider will need to know your meter number, how much gas you currently use, your geographic location and how many employees you have.

They will also need to know who your current supplier is and when your contract ends.

It’s this opportunity to compare and switch your business gas supplier that will lead to cost savings and the Business Utility Hub can take care of the switching process.

All that will change is that your bill will come from your new supplier.

You can even sign up for a longer contract with your new commercial gas provider if this is a way of accessing even lower prices – and you believe that prices will continue to increase.

If you want to change your business gas supplier to boost profitability, then you need to speak with the experts at the Business Utility Hub today.