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business energy

Business Energy

We can help you save money
on your Business Electricity and
Business Gas prices.

Heating Oil and LPG

Heating Oil and LPG

We can arrange a Heating Oil and Bulk LPG delivery same day or for tomorrow. Fast Free Nationwide Delivery.

biomass fuel

Wood Fuel for Biomass

We sell BSL Authorised Wood Pellets and Wood Chips for Biomass Boilers. Fast Free Nationwide Delivery.

Water Audits for Business

Just like you can do with your gas and electricity supply, you are now free to switch your business water for waste water and supply. But here at the Business Utility Hub we can ensure you that’s not the most effective way to improve your bottom line. Before switching we strongly recommend every business completes a comprehensive water business audit with an experienced consultancy. If your looking for a Business Water Audits specialist we can help you here at the Business Utility Hub. We offer a comprehensive water audit completely no risk to our customers. We only charge small fee if we are successful finding you savings. If we don’t you don’t pay us a penny.  The majority of our clients have received a cash refund from their water company within less than two months of fist contacting us.

Let the Business Utility Hub reduce costs in your business which will go a long way to improving your bottom line. And with no up-front costs, why wouldn’t you consider a saving on your water?

The key to water efficiency is reducing waste, not necessarily restricting use.


At the Business Utility Hub an experienced consultant we will come out to visit your business premises to complete a full water audit which will be tailored your specific needs.  Our site visit will usually take around 2 hours and will be as unobtrusive as we can possibly make it – and no water will be switched off.

We  can also provide a comprehensive review of all water consumption at your business premises, with the core objectives of reducing consumption, eliminating wastage, improving consumer behaviours and reducing cost.

Reduce your water consumption by up to 50%

We understand the commercial pressures facing our clients in terms of balancing costs against their objectives to improve environmental performance.

The Business Utility Hub water audit has been proven to deliver our business clients between 20-50% reductions in their water consumption.


Utility Advice

Get in touch today for a fast and efficient quote on your business energy.

Key features

  • Carry out a detailed survey of all water devices and infrastructure, inclusive of taps to complex machinery
  • Full analysis of drainage and trade-effluent discharge with the use of flow-loggers
  • Full water assessment to highlight opportunities for water recycling, rainwater harvesting, grey water solutions and drainage/ treatment projects
  • Staff training and awareness campaigns to implement behavioural changes to help achieve commercial saving targets
  • Receive detailed reports and dedicated account support on completion of the water audit summarising recommendations for asset modification and operational changes to achieve consumption reductions.
  • Targeting of site based on consumption/ cost data relayed through
  • Audits and post-audit consumption tracked.

Other water services

We also provide a number of other services that can have a positive impact on your water costs:

  • Water Bill Management: Business Utility Hub can provide a full end-to-end bill management service, designed to assist large-scale, multi-site organisations manage their water bills and reduce costs.
  • Water Bill Validation: Our Bill Validation process comprises a detailed analysis of all aspects of our clients’ water and sewerage bills to ensure they are being charged correctly and that the applied tariff is the best available.
  • Water Leakage Detection: We can find water leaks – and fix them. We frequently identify leaks through our bill validation, water audits or our AMR services – but however we get to hear about it, you can rely on us for rapid and cost effective repair.
  • Water Asset Management: Our experienced team can help you get to grips with your water and sewerage infrastructure, and the issues surrounding it.
  • Water Dispute Resolution: Our team has dealt with a huge range of different types of dispute, representing both large corporate clients and our SME customers.
  • Water Recycling: We can provide a range of innovative water recycling schemes, designed to ensure our clients make effective use of their wastewater and the rainwater draining from their premises.
  • Water Surveys and Mapping: Utilitywise offers a broad range of surveys and mapping services, designed to support our core services and as low-cost, reliable resource to ensure our clients have the asset information they need to manage their business and make investment decisions.