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As a busy business owner, you may be looking to reduce overheads and are asking, ‘What are half hourly electricity prices?’

The big difference between the electricity prices for business and those who can access half hourly electricity prices is down to the type of electricity meter they have installed.

Essentially, the meter measures how much electricity is used every 30 minutes and sends this data to the supplier. These meters are also known as HH meters.

There are benefits to using half hourly meters, including the fact that your business will enjoy accurate energy bills rather than having to deal with estimated bills.

These meters also enable your firm to see how much energy you use at different times during the day and can help you reduce usage and become more energy efficient.

Half hourly electricity suppliers

This data can also be used by other half hourly electricity suppliers to tailor their offering to best meet your needs because they will know when you use the most energy and can offer prices to suit.

This creation of the perfect tariff for a business is an effective way of reducing costs, whereas other businesses without half-hourly meters are subject to different tariffs.

But not every kind of business will be able to have half hourly meters installed since they are generally used for those firms with high energy usage.

Indeed, for very large users, half hourly electricity meters are a mandatory requirement.

You will know if your business has one of these meters installed because there will be a plate on the front of it that has an ‘S’ number signifying the fact.

Sourcing a half hourly electricity quote

When it comes to sourcing a half hourly electricity quote then these will be, as mentioned previously, different to the standard prices offered to other firms.

And it’s the accuracy of your actual electricity consumption that will deliver this opportunity.

However, negotiating with a new half hourly electricity provider can be a complex process because wholesale market prices vary so frequently.

This doesn’t mean there are no excellent opportunities for switching providers to access substantial savings because there are and these could stretch into tens of thousands of pounds every year, depending on your firm’s energy use.

If you would like more information about half hourly electricity prices and meters, then you need to speak with the experts at the Business Utility Hub who can also find a cheaper deal to meet your firm’s needs.