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For big firms that have special meters installed, then you may be searching for half hourly electricity tariffs from potential new providers but be surprised at how big the competitive marketplace is.

To help, there’s a friendly team of experts at the Business Utility Hub who can explain how this market works and source the right tariffs for meeting your needs.

The big advantage for a large consumer of electricity is that they will have a half hourly meter installed.

These are technical meters that will send the firm’s consumption information directly to the electricity provider every half hour. This then means that there are no more estimated bills and your business will have accurate bills as a result.

If you’re wondering whether you have a half hourly meter installed, then the supplier (S) number on your bill will show whether it’s a half hourly meter or not. If it begins ’00’, then it’s a half hourly provider.

Half hourly electricity deals

One of the advantages along with accurate bills for half hourly electricity deals is that a business can access a tailored tariff that will meet their requirements and save them money.

And since they are large consumers, these customers tend to pay much lower rates than small and medium-sized firms.

However, the contracts provided for half hourly provision tend to be more complicated and you may need to access the expertise of those who understand the market and the contracts involved.

While you could do this as a business and negotiate directly with a potential supplier, it’s always worth having experts on hand who can explain any jargon and check that your contract is suitable and there are no hidden fees.

Search the half hour electricity supply market

In this search of the half hour electricity supply market, you’ll need to understand how the procurement process works.

It’s also worthwhile not restricting your search to the ‘Big six’ suppliers even though it’s tempting to stick with them because they are household names.

The main reason for this is that the competition is so strong that it is possible to negotiate with another supplier to get a much cheaper deal on your behalf.

To help get the process started, you’ll need to give the Business Utility Hub team a few details and they will then take minutes to find a better offering and then help with the paperwork and administration to begin the switchover process.

It may even be possible to find a supplier offering other benefits including an energy consultancy to help your business reduce its consumption of energy so that greater savings can be enjoyed.

If you would like more help and information about half hourly electricity tariffs and switching to a new provider, then the Business Utility Hub team can help.