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The reasons why businesses should switch to LPG are mainly to make savings on their heating bill – and they can save even more when buying in bulk LPG for their energy needs.

Among the benefits of switching to LPG is a reduction in energy costs by around 25%, and sometimes more, and lower CO2 emissions than for a business using oil for their heating needs.

The LPG system is also easier to maintain with impressive efficiency ratings.

For any business looking to switch to the best and most cost-effective fuel for their energy needs, LPG should be seriously considered since it offers the lowest cost solution in many cases.

Particularly for those firms who use heating oil currently, there are other benefits for LPG as it replacement.

Save several thousand pounds every year

Regardless of the current energy type being used by a business, they could save several thousand pounds every year by switching to a source of fuel that is greener and cleaner as well.

There are also particular attractions for businesses working with renewable technologies because of the low carbon emissions from LPG.

Indeed, over the coming years it appears that the government will be increasing pressure on the country’s businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and boost their green credentials; LPG is an excellent way of doing this.

It’s also worth considering future legislation which may reduce the gases being produced by coal and oil powered power stations and it should be appreciated that a business with heating oil may face an expensive clean-up process should there be a spill.

They will also potentially face hefty fines for allowing a spill to take place in the first place.

One of the attractions for LPG as an obvious energy solution is for firms located in rural areas who may not be located close to a mains gas pipeline; they may simply be using fuel oil because there is no alternative.

Save even more money when looking to compare bulk LPG supplies

However, with the cost of kerosene increasing and the cost of connecting to a gas pipeline being prohibitive for many, there’s a sound business case for switching to LPG and businesses could potentially save even more money when looking to compare bulk LPG supplies.

In addition to the point mentioned previously, the tanks are often minimal maintenance and when bulk LPG supplies are sourced a cheap source of energy becomes even cheaper. This has a direct impact on the firm’s profitability.

LPG is more efficient than kerosene

While mentioning firms in rural areas who rely on fuel oil, they will appreciate that their supplies will be weather-dependent too and LPG is more efficient than kerosene without the need for a heavy fuel storage tank to be in place.

Also, there is less likelihood of having to deal with oil leaks since natural gas pipes have a lifespan of 50 years or more and reduce the element of human error and corrosion that comes with above ground oil tanks.

Essentially, for any business that uses a boiler for kilns, generators or furnaces then the attractions for LPG will increase.


For more help and explanations for why a business should buy bulk LPG and save money and to boost their profitability and green credentials, contact the helpful team at the Business Utility Hub.