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The wood pellet quality of the biomass fuels that a business will use is really important and here’s what you need to know.

Firstly, there are professional tools available that will measure the moisture in the pellet but not every firm will have these and by selecting quality pellets – essentially those that meet the ENplus A1 criteria – then you’ll be buying quality biomass fuel.

This fuel will deliver higher levels of energy because there are low levels of moisture in the pellet, whereas a cheap biomass fuel will have low levels of energy from a higher moisture pellet.

In addition, quality wood pellets tend to have a better appearance with a uniform length of between 30 mm to 40 mm with a width of around 8 mm.

Biomass fuel for wood pellet biomass boilers

These quality biomass fuels for wood pellet biomass boilers are also shiny with a smooth surface without any apparent cracks when you touch them.

The shiny appearance is down to the natural glue in the virgin wood appearing when the pellets are being compressed.

Poor quality pellets don’t have this shine and they will have varying lengths and it’s likely that the pellets will break up when you press them between your fingers.

Also, quality pellets smell of fresh wood so give them a sniff! This may sound like an unusual test to undertake when you receive a delivery of biomass fuel but they should be made with pure sawdust or other wood materials.

Poor quality pellets will use a variety of wood sources and a binding agent, which may not be organic.

A wood pellets blown delivery

It’s also important when you need a wood pellets blown delivery, these tend to be for larger biomass fuel orders, that you insist on quality fuels being delivered.

That’s because the wood pellets deliver more energy and are cheaper to use than poor quality cheap pellets because you’ll need to burn more of these to meet your heating needs.

Also, good quality pellets will not leave as much ash residue so you won’t have to carry out as much maintenance on the biomass boiler, for example cleaning the grate.

It does appear that there is a lot to take on board about wood pellet quality but there are suppliers committed to delivering the very best and these are listed on the Biomass Suppliers List and their pellets will come from renewable sources, which is one of the reasons why biomass has taken off in popularity in the UK in recent years.

If you would like to know more about wood pellet quality and to order biomass fuels for meeting your needs, then it’s time to contact the team of experts at the Business Utility Hub.