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Wood Pellet Quality

Why wood pellet quality is important

Wood pellets are a very popular choice to fuel a biomass boiler but many people considering installing one should appreciate that would pellet quality is important for efficiency purposes.

That’s because wood pellets are burnt at a high heat and so the quality and size is important for the biomass boiler since poor quality wood pellets will be inefficient and also create the risk of clogging the burner pot. For those who are using smaller biomass boilers, this is an important consideration.

For anybody who is using an industrial sized biomass boiler that’s been designed to take wood pellets then the issue of using lower quality pellets is not really a problem since they will not experience similar issues.

Suppliers of wood pellets

The need for wood pellet quality explains why the suppliers of wood pellets will offer them with a premium quality standard known as the ‘ENplus quality standard‘ which has been adopted around Europe.

To become a certified supplier of ENplus A1 wood pellets means the manufacturer is using the best quality raw materials and state-of-the-art machinery and is then undertaking strict testing procedures to ensure the wood pellets deliver efficient and clean burning qualities when used in a biomass boiler.

The other point to remember when looking for wood pellet quality is that biomass boilers have been established in Europe for a long time now and the quality standard has been tried and tested. Indeed, some countries now have more biomass boilers for domestic households which are using quality wood pellets than there are households using heating oil for their boiler.

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Point to appreciate about wood pellet quality

Another point to appreciate about wood pellet quality is the pellets will burn more efficiently and cleaner so the biomass boiler functions more effectively. They also have a lower ash content so there is less ash to clean up and less maintenance to take.

Also, wood pellet quality is important because the supplier will have a consistent diameter of pellet since most wood pellet biomass boilers have been designed to accept a specific size of pellet.

Most domestic boilers will take wood pellets that are 6mm in diameter while the bigger, industrial sized biomass boilers will take 8 mm pellets. By using the wrong size in the boiler will alter the combustion conditions and lead to a loss of efficiency and growth in CO2 emissions.

Why wood pellet quality is important

It may appear tempting to use poor quality wood pellets in a bid to save money but this would be a false economy since they will not achieve the same productivity which is why wood pellet quality is important and should be appreciated during the life of the biomass boiler.