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Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets for biomass

When considering biomass fuels to generate heat for a home or business, most will opt for wood pellets as the best solution.

There are a number of reasons for choosing wood pellets over wood chips and logs and they include:

  • The price of wood pellets is stable
  • They offer low carbon emissions when compared with oil or gas-fired boilers
  • Wood pellets are being produced extensively around the UK
  • They are available on demand
  • Wood pellets are more convenient than wood chips or logs
  • Wood pellets burn more cleanly too

The other reason why people who want to use bio mass fuels to warm their business premises or homes is that the boilers for doing so are much smaller than boilers powered with wood chips.

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Wood pellet powered boilers are incredibly efficient

Indeed, wood pellet powered boilers are incredibly efficient and low maintenance with little cash being produced; some boilers even clean themselves. The boilers using wood pellets are also easy to control with automatic settings and adding the wood pellets to fuel the boiler is done automatically.

Also, wood pellet boilers are growing in popularity around Europe for those looking to alternatives using oil or gas and there are also popular with those who are not on the National Grid.

For the average UK home, the heating bill alone could be reduced by more than £1,000 every year.

Biomass fuels are growing in popularity

Biomass fuels are growing in popularity because it is a renewable energy source and helps remove carbon from the atmosphere though it does add carbon dioxide when burned but now more than it absorbed when growing.

Also, when looking at biomass boilers the business premises or home not only need space to install the boiler but also to store the fuel. Wood pellets need a smaller space than wood chips, for instance. For those who have more space, then buying larger batches of wood pellets is cheaper too.

Should someone be replacing a coal-fired boiler, for instance, they will save nearly 16 tonnes of carbon from being going into the atmosphere by switching to wood pellets.

Advantage for wood pellets

The other advantage for wood pellets is that they can be more effectively for heating than a log, for instance, and they are a better choice for smaller homes. Some of the automatic fuel feeders now are excellent and the hopper simply needs refilling at regular intervals. Also, the ash residue from burning pellets is around 1% of the volume burnt and for most boilers will only need cleaning out once a week.

Essentially, wood pellets as a biomass fuel are cheap and from renewable sources so make for an ideal heating source.