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Best Prices Save Money Quick Delivery

If you need to access a commercial gas quote fast to meet your firm’s current and future needs, then the Business Utility Hub can help.

That’s because there’s a dedicated team waiting to help you and they have access to the entire UK commercial gas supply market to find the best tariff.

You could obviously contact business gas suppliers individually, but comparing these bespoke offers is difficult because they are using different criteria when putting their deal together. For instance, the supplier will consider:

  • Your geographic location
  • How many staff you have
  • The industry that you operate in
  • Whether you have plans to move.


Obviously, with each commercial energy provider having their own bespoke deals and criteria, it should not come as a surprise should one decline to offer a quote – this may be down to the industry you work in or your location.

A cheaper commercial gas quote

Seeking a cheaper commercial gas quote is easy when you use the experts at the Business Utility Hub but there are also business gas comparison websites for this purpose.

Again, there are issues should you use these including:

  • The website may not be searching the entire market
  • You should check how many suppliers they will approach
  • You will still need to negotiate directly with the recommended supplier to organise a bespoke deal.


So, if these sites are not searching the entire market, why should you use them?

The simple answer is that the site will give you a good idea of the current market rate you could enjoy by switching suppliers and then you could put the Business Utility Hub team to the test to find a better tariff.

Understand business gas prices per kWh

The other issue when searching for a new supplier is that you will need to understand business gas prices per kWh.

This is straightforward and is the amount you pay for the actual gas consumed and if you find a deal with a lower unit price, you will be saving money. Or will you?

The big issue when switching to a new provider is that you may inadvertently switch to a deal with a higher standing charge, that’s a fixed fee for delivering gas to your premises, which means there are no savings to enjoy.

That’s an easy trap you and your business could fall into but by using the experts at the Business Utility Hub you will be able to access a commercial gas quote quickly.