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When it comes to understanding half hourly electricity tariffs, it pays to shop around to enjoy the best deals available.

The market to supply large users of electricity is a competitive one, though it’s a tad more complicated when switching than for those firms without half hourly electricity meters installed will experience.

The half hourly meters are used by large users of electricity so their usage can be monitored easily and they then pay for what they have used.

That’s because they enjoy accurate bills as the usage is sent to the supplier every 30 minutes, hence the name half hourly meters.

Have half hour electricity meters installed

However, only those firms who have a large electricity demand will have half hour electricity meters installed, though some firms can request to have them fitted but not small firms.

The contracts offered by most half hourly meter electricity suppliers will range from one year and up to three years – the longer contracts tend to attract cheaper tariffs.

One of the big attractions for large users of electricity with half hourly meters is that the data that is generated can be used by them and a potential new supplier to offer a better tariff.

The information will highlight when your firm uses its energy and it may be possible to switch the peak period of demand to cheaper periods.

Indeed, some new potential HH electricity suppliers may offer a consultancy to help your firm reduce its energy usage and enjoy even cheaper bills.

Users of half hourly electricity meters

For the users of half hourly electricity meters, for example, warehouses, factories and big offices, then you should be looking to switch providers whenever your contract is up for renewal.

This will mean you avoid paying more than is necessary for your energy needs and you should be able to reduce overheads when you do switch.

Fortunately, the UK’s business electricity supply market has become very competitive and there are lots of suppliers keen to attract your business as a customer.

Indeed, this exercise to find a new energy provider should be carried out by all firms and organisations whenever their current contract is up for renewal.

One survey carried out by the government highlighted that around 40% of firms have never bothered switching their energy provider, which means they are probably paying more than is necessary for their energy needs. This should not happen to you, particularly if your firm is a large user of electricity.

To find out more about half hourly electricity tariffs and new providers, then it’s time to speak with the experts at the Business Utility Hub who can find a cheaper deal and help with the switchover process.